How do you choose the type of Mobil hydraulic oil for industrial equipment?

How do you choose the type of Mobil hydraulic oil for industrial equipment?

The hydraulic systems utilized in the industry need to ensure maximum performance while they operate at high temperatures and in severe working conditions. This aspect, along with the service time and hydraulic system endurance are strongly affected by the type of hydraulic oil used. Please find below 4 things you should take into consideration when choosing the type of hydraulic oil for industrial equipment.

1. Optimal viscosity

Hydraulic oil’s resistance to flowing is an important characteristic that has a major effect on the way hydraulic equipment works. If the oil is too thick, it will be more difficult for it to flow inside the mechanism and can influence the effectiveness of functioning. On the other hand, if the fluid is too weak, its sealing properties will be affected, which will lead to oil leaks and equipment getting worn a lot quicker. This is why the Mobil hydraulic oil series was especially made to offer an optimal viscosity that ensures maximum performance to any industrial hydraulic equipment.

2. Thermal stability

Along with long term use, the anti-wear additives in the hydraulic oils deteriorate, process accelerated by high temperatures specific to industrial processes. In order to reduce these issues, ExxonMobil is constantly improving formulas for the Mobil lubricants, available in Romania through Star Lubricants as an authorized distributor. Mobil hydraulic oils are stable from a thermal point of view and have a longer service life, thus being able to protect industrial equipment for a longer period.

3. Anti-corrosion properties

Because of the environment it functions in, hydraulic equipment is prone to corrosion. In order to reduce the negative effects of this physical phenomenon, quality hydraulic oils, like Mobil oils, contain anti-corrosion additives that offer a higher protection degree for industrial equipment.

4. Compatibility with sealing devices

The majority of hydraulic equipment contains sealing devices made out of rubber or other sensitive materials, which can create lumps and can crack quicker when in contact with some types of hydraulic oil and high temperatures. Mobil hydraulic oils are compatible with a large variety of sealing devices. In order to make sure that you are using the right type of oil for hydraulic equipment contact a Star Lubricants agent who will recommend the type of hydraulic oil suitable for your equipment.

Apart from these 4 things you need to take into consideration when choosing the type of hydraulic oil, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s requirements. Click the image below and contact one of our Star Lubricants agents to get a personalized offer for Mobil hydraulic oils, suitable for your needs.