Protect your car with the right transmission fluid

Protect your car with the right transmission fluid

According to, on the Romanian automotive market the most important criterion for choosing a car is still the price. Thus, most of the times, having an automatic transmission is considered a premium feature. Starting from the thought that an expensive thing requires additional attention, the transmission fluid used is vital for the protection of the investment in an automatic transmission car.

In order to make sure that your car does not cause you any issues, the automatic transmission fluid needs to be checked at regular periods, according to the car’s insutrctions manual. This interval may vary according to the car’s functioning conditions. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend that the oil change for automatic transmission be done more often if the car is used in difficult conditions: increased temperatures or heavy loads.

Apart from the oil change, another aspect euqally important in engine protection is choosing the right automatic transmission fluid. See below the fluid types for automatic transmission recommended for the car you own:

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF – automatic transmission fluid

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is a completely synthetic fluid created for a large variety of vehicles, from small cars to SUVs, vans, up to trucks. Among the manufacturers; requirements that this product meets are:: Ford, General Motors, MAN, Volvo.

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF surpasses the conventional automatic transmission fluids especially thanks to its increased resistance to degradation caused by chemical and physical processes inside the engine components. The fluid has a high viscosity index, so that it preserves its properties even at temperatures as low as -54°C.

Mobil ATF SHC – for increased performance of cars and trucks

Mobil ATF SHC is a synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions created to meet the automatic transmission systems requirements of many manufacturers of automobiles and trucks like Mercedes Benz or MAN. Also, the fluid is recommended for various industrial uses where there is a requirement for transmission of hydraulic power or superior fluids to increase productivity.

Mobiltrans HD Series – for construction machinery performance

No matter the type of construction, the machinery used is a key point that contribute to the success of any construction project. Their functioning at maximum capacity is vital in order for the investment to deliver the expected results and the construction to be finished in time. The Mobiltrans HD series lubricants are especially made for the automatic transmission systems of drivetrains and machinery used in construction, in open-air excavations or in agriculture (bulldozers, excavators etc.).

Since every type of machinery has it’s own needs, ExxonMobil has developed lubricants with special characteristics. Thus the Mobiltrans HD series includes automatic transmission fluids with 3 types of viscosity degree:

  • Mobiltrans HD 10W
  • Mobiltrans HD 30
  • Mobiltrans HD 50

Using the right transmission fluid you will make sure that your car will function at maximum performance without any issues. If you haven’t found the information on the product you are interested in, click the button below and our agents will help you choose the right product to increase engine performance.