Extend service life for your car fleet by using special oil for Volvo

Extend service life for your car fleet by using special oil for Volvo

One of the issues any commercial vehicle owner faces is choosing the right engine oil to help him drive as many kilometers as possible without problems. If you are the owner of a Volvo commercial vehicle this article will help you choose the right oil for in order to maintain your vehicle’s or your fleet’s optimal performance.

Choosing the right Mobil Delvac oil suitable for Volvo helps you attain the 5 things any commercial vehicle owner must have in mind if he wishes to extend service life for his vehicle fleet.

1. Reduce fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is influenced mostly by the viscosity degree of the engine oil used. The more stable the viscosity degree, the less aggressive the friction between components and the energy used is diminished as well. This results in a lower fuel consumption.

2. Extend the oil change intervals for Volvo

Enhanced loss of engine oil proprieties for Volvo and deposit formation at the level of vehicle components can result in frequent oil changes. In order to avoid these situations it is best to use synthetic lubricant, like Mobil Delvac, characterized by stability at physical use like oxidation and thermal use.

How long has it been since you last changed the oil for Volvo?

If it seems that your are performing more frequent oil changes it means that you have a problem. The first thing you would need to check is to see if you chose the right oil type for your car or for the entire Volvo fleet.

3. Extend service life for your car’s engine

If you wish that your Volvo’s motor have a longer service life you need to think twice before choosing the engine oil. Should you choose a Volvo oil that is not specially made for such engines, you run the risk of losing not just time, but money as well.

An engine that is not lubricated properly will make friction between car components be more aggressive and deteriorate the engine faster. ExxonMobil created more type of engine oil for each type of Volvo vehicle: oil for trucks, coaches or excavators.

4. Increase engine performance even at low temperatures

The cold season can be a pain in what concerns contact and working performances for your vehicle. Again, this is determined by the viscosity of the oil used. If you choose a 100% synthetic oil, like Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30, suitable for Volvo engines, you will enjoy a higher engine effectiveness than if you choose a mineral oil. Thus your engine will start without problems even at below 0 temperatures characteristic to the cold season.

5. Reduce CO₂ emissions

Choosing an oil suitable for Volvo will lead not only to engine life extension but also to maintaining the effectiveness of the emission reduction system. Thus any Volvo vehicle will work properly and at the same time will abide by the most recent regulations regarding environment protection.

Prevent issues specific to Volvo vehicles with the right oil

It is obvious that an oil specially created for Volvo is more effective when "treating" an existing issue than any other engine oil. Imagine the scenario of you receiving a pill from your doctor that does not fit your illness. Surely the treatment will not be effective. The same thing happens when you choose another oil than the one recommended for Volvo vehicles.

Thus we recommend that you choose the Volvo oil for the category of commercial vehicles you own: truck, coach, tractor, excavator, van. The effectiveness of Mobil Delvac products for Volvo is demonstrated in the laboratory as well as through the field tests.

You can also benefit from the advantages of Volvo oil distributed by Star Lubricants:

  • Acts faster on the engine so that it reaches maximum performance in a very short time.
  • Will bring less expenses with fuel consumption.
  • Ensures a longer service life for the emission system, protecting it thanks to the additives contained by the oil.

If you are interested in the Mobil Delvac products, but are not sure which Volvo oil suits your vehicle type, click the image below and get a custom offer, adapted to your needs.