7 tips to increase engine performance in case of cold start

7 tips to increase engine performance in case of cold start

During wintertime engine cold start is one of the most frequent issues that drivers have to deal with. Nothing is more unpleasant than being late somewhere because your car is having startup issues.

You can see below 7 tricks that will help you increase engine performance even in low temperatures during wintertime. Follow the advice below and cold starts will never cause you trouble again.

1. Cover the windshield

If the car is not parked in the garage, use a blanket fixed under the wipers. In this respect, you will avoid the windshield freeze and the wipers getting stuck to it. Apart from this you can use a windshield deicer spray.

2. Pay attention to the door handles

They can get stuck because of freezing. If you do not have a special de-icing product at hand, to get rid of this issue, pour warm water around the handles. Be careful that the water is not too hot and wipe the excess water at the end to make sure that the handles will not freeze again.

3. Always check the exhaust pipe

It can be clogged with ice or snow, which would lead to a more difficult startup. Moreover, the gases might end up inside the car and you could inhale them. Thus, before starting the car, also, check the exhaust pipe.

4. Wait 10 minutes for the engine to get warm before hitting the road

A car that stood overnight in below 0 temperatures needs a little time in order to work properly. Moreover, waiting approximately 10 minutes will also make the inside of the car warm up and you will be more comfortable driving.

5. Use a lubricant that ensures engine performance in case of use in very low temperatures

Cold weather, usually makes poor quality lubricants thicken, leading for the car to have startup issues. To avoid such problems, use Mobil 1 quality lubricants that have a viscosity degree appropriate for the cold season. Contact a Star Lubricants agent now to choose the right engine oil to increase engine performance in case of cold startup.

6. Do not hit the road with the windshield or windows partially frozen

The biggest mistake most drivers make is not waiting for the total de-icing of windows and windshield before starting the drive. The time you save in such cases does not matter when an accident happens because of a partially frozen window.

7. Pay attention to the battery state

If you have repeated issues with the cold startup, it is very likely that the battery is used or is worn-out. In this respect, make sure you check the battery periodically, especially in the cold season.