Star Lubricants presents the advantages of Mobil Delvac lubricant in ”Mașini și utilaje pentru Construcții” magazine

Star Lubricants presents the advantages of Mobil Delvac lubricant in ”Mașini și utilaje pentru Construcții” magazine

The readers of ”Mașini și utilaje pentru Construcții” magazine can find in the November issue an article about the benefits brought by Mobil Delvac lubricants distributed by Star Lubricants for off-highway commercial vehicle operators. According to a survey conducted by Transparency Market Research, it is estimated that the global market for construction machineries and equipments will begin to increase, reaching 192.3 billion dollars by 2017. Therefore, it is clear that the off-highway commercial lubricants market will follow the same trend of development.

Promoting the freshest information regarding solutions for developing productive and sustainable business through the article published in the magazine, represents an interest shown by the Star Lubricants team in supporting the off-highway commercial vehicle operators.

Please see below some of the topics that the readers will find in the article:

  • The way the new pollution regulations influence the construction industry at a global level and how it reflects on the lubricant industry for off-highway commercial vehicles.
  • Current and future tendencies of the off-highway commercial vehicle lubricant market.
  • Details about performance tests made by Star Lubricants that prove the Mobil Delvac lubricant's efficiency.

Apart from these topics, the article presents the advantages that the new formula of the Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30 lubricant brings for off-highway segment. For more details on how the lubricant works, watch the video below:

Along with the information in the article and the video, the Star Lubricants agents are available to offer the support that you need to increase your off-highway commercial vehicles' performance. Click here for more contact details according to the area of your location.

About ”Mașini și utilaje pentru Construcții” magazine:

”Mașini și utilaje pentru Construcții” magazine is the most important publication that represents the niche of equipment and construction machineries from Romania. With over 8 years experience, the magazine is known as a trusted source of information for construction companies, manufacturers, distributors of equipment and trucks and for companies that provide related services in the construction sector.