Star Lubricants is participating at the 6th edition of Renexpo South-East Europe

Star Lubricants is participating at the 6th edition of Renexpo South-East Europe

Star Lubricants will participate between the 20th and 22nd of November 2013 at RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, the bigger event in Romania on renewable energy. At its sixth edition, this trade fair is the most important of its kind in the energy domain in Romania.

For 3 days, Star Lubricants is joining more than 130 exhibitors from 14 countries in a 3500 m² exhibition space where efficient solutions for the Energy industry will be presented. Apart from the exhibition, there will be conferences on subjects concerning energy efficiency.

The trade fair and the conference themes regard three main aspects:

  • Sustainable energy production–renewable energy
  • Intelligent and efficient energy distribution
  • Efficient energy use

The renewable energy sector has become more and more attractive and profitable in Romania because many foreign companies have begun investing in this field. According to the organizers, the green energy sector has attracted in the last three years, in Romania, over three billion euros and the tendency is to go in that direction.

”Such initiatives, like that of organizing this event, represent another step forward that Romania makes towards renewable energy development and aligning this sector at the highest world standards”, said Silviu Mototolea, Deputy General Manager at Star Lubricants.

Mobil SHC products – the focus of event participation

The main reason behind the participation of StarLubricants at RENEXPO is the detailed presentation of all the benefits of the Mobil SHC products for the energy industry in Romania. Thus, the visitors of the Star Lubricants booth will have the opportunity to find out information about the Mobil SHC products meant for wind turbines, gas engines or electric turbines. They will be able to obtain valuable information about the Mobil SHC products from professionals in the field as well. There will be two experts at the ExxonMobil booth who have experience in the industrial field and who will be able to make the best recommendations for those in need of complex solutions. The Mobil SHC products present a real competitive advantage in energy efficiency and developing a productive and sustainable industry.

Mobil SHC lubricants for industrial bearings are created to offer optimal protection both to the equipment and to the oil life duration in extreme use conditions. The advanced formulas of the Mobil SHC series contains a system of additives closely selected to maintain an excellent protection against conventional wear types like friction and offers a higher degree of resistance.

The cooperation we have with ExxonMobil for more than 20 years has helped us prepare for the RENEXPO visitors a series of informative materials that offer the chance that all those interested in a quality product, like the Mobil SHC series, find the benefits they can bring to the industry sector. Moreover, the agents specialized in the field of lubricants and industrial greases, along with the two guests from ExxonMobil, will be prepared to offer any information you need to choose personalized solutions to increase energy productivity.

Silviu Mototolea, Deputy General Manager, Star Lubricants

We are waiting for you to participate as well at RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE to find out how you can increase energy efficiency for your industrial equipment. Also, you can always contact a Star Lubricants agent who will guide you in choosing the right industrial lubricants. Click here to see their contact details, according to the area of your location.