5 myths about diesel engines: busted!

5 myths about diesel engines: busted!

Over 50% of the cars that run currently have a diesel engine. Among the most important reasons for which diesel engines have become the choice of many drivers, we can also count: the low fuel consumption, big power at small number of rotations and cheaper fuel compared to gas. However, there are many questions regarding this type of engines. Find out which are the most common 5 myths about diesel engines you hear every day:

1. Diesel engines were especially designed for automobiles

False. In the beginning, diesel engines were destined for propelling ships and submarines, after which they also started being used in locomotives, big trucks and steam power plants. It was only in 1930 that the diesel system started being integrated in automobile systems as well.

2. Synthetic oils cannot be used for diesel engines

False. Synthetic lubricants distributed by Star Lubricants are even recommended thanks to the high performance compared to mineral oils. However, the different functioning system of diesel engines also needs some products with special properties compared to those for gas engines. In this respect, we offer products particularly designed to increase diesel engine performance, like Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 0W-40 orMobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30.

3. Diesel engines use more lubricant

False. Oil consumption is not influenced by the engine type, but rather by the driving conditions and the car’s technical state. Generally, greater oil consumption is noted for new cars, whose engine needs to have a running period until reaching specific performance. Nevertheless, should you notice that the interval for oil change does not get better, check your car in a repair shop as there might be oil loss because of some failures.

4. Diesel engines are more difficult to start in the winter

False. Negative temperatures during wintertime affect all automobiles in some way, no matter the engine type. In this respect, make sure that your heating system works properly, the battery is "healthy” and that you use a Mobil lubricant.

5. Diesel engines are more damaging to the environment

False. The first diesel engines were, indeed, very loud and the exhaust expelled in the atmosphere were more damaging compared to the standard gas engine. However, the last years have brought improvement in performance and pollution degree. Thus, modern diesel engine systems are controlled by advanced computers that monitor fuel burning, thus increasing effectiveness and reducing pollution.

Moreover, using the right Mobil lubricants help you increase engine performance. Contact one of the Star Lubricants agents now to choose the right lubricant for diesel engines. Click here to find out their contact details according to the area you are of your location.