ExxonMobil becomes official partner of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

ExxonMobil becomes official partner of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

Starting this year, ExxonMobil becomes an official and technological partner of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Thus, the team’s Formula 1 drivers will have cars running with high-quality lubricants from the Mobil 1 range, which will contribute to notable performances on the Formula 1 circuits during the 2017 season.

Red Bull Racing – a successful team

Red Bull Racing is one of the most successful teams in the recent history of Formula 1 competitions. Over the last 12 years it has won 52 Grand Prix races, 4 World Constructors' Championships and 4 World Drivers’ Championships.

Red Bull Racing provides a dynamic platform to showcase our high-performance lubricants range. We are excited about building a relationship with Red Bull Racing’s excellent Formula 1 young drivers. With the help of their reputation we will be able to showcase our lubricants and fuel brands to consumers.

Matt Bergeron, vice president of marketing for ExxonMobil

2017 - An exceptional season

Considered the most important competition in the global motorsport, Formula 1 promises a spectacular season. It is estimated that over 1.5 billion viewers from more than 170 countries will breathlessly support their favorite teams.

The drivers will race the cars in 19 locations around the world during the 2017 competitive season:

  • Australia (24-26 March)
  • China (7-9 April)
  • Bahrain (14-16 April)
  • Russia (28-30 April)
  • Monaco (12-14 May)
  • Canada (9-11 June)
  • Azerbaijan (23-25 June)
  • Austria (7-9 July)
  • Great Britain (14-16 July)
  • Hungary (28-30 July)
  • Belgium (25-28 August)
  • Italy (1-3 September)
  • Singapore (15-17 September)
  • Malaysia (29 September – 1 October)
  • Japan (6-8 October)
  • America (20-22 October)
  • Mexico (27-29 October)
  • Brazil (10-12 November)
  • Abu Dhabi (24-26 November)

We invite you to watch this full of adrenaline competition because the organizers of each stage, together with the teams, promise major surprises. Follow the Star Lubricants Facebook page where we will keep you posted on the latest news related to the evolution of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team.