Useful tips for the maintenance of your personal car

Useful tips for the maintenance of your personal car

Car maintenance is a mandatory activity that you should perform on a regular basis if you want to improve its performance. Also, if you want your car to have a long life, free of too frequent incidents, then you should take the car maintenance process seriously.

When it comes to maintenance, there are technical revisions that you need to frequently perform and which help you travel safely, but also protect the car against premature wear. At the same time, there are revisions that need not be performed weekly or monthly, but are required once a year or less frequently. Moreover, the car’s maintenance has a positive effect on its appearance as well.

To make sure you do everything that is needed for your personal car to have an optimal fuel consumption, to be sustainable and provide a safe transport, see below some tips that you must consider:

1. Regular washing and drying

If you are a very busy person, surely washing your car is not always a priority. However, its appearance is very important for the first impression you make, and the way you will maintain it will be reflected in the durability of the paint, of the metal work and of the exterior accessories.

When the car care is carried out effectively, the paint keeps its freshness and beauty for longer, rust is slow on settling on the metal work, and the auto parts that are exposed to debris and dust will have a better performance for longer.

Whether you choose to wash and dry it yourself or you prefer to leave it in the hands of professionals, do not forget to do this once a week or at most once every two weeks.

2. Checking tire pressure

It is very important that the tire pressure complies with the parameters mentioned in the car’s instruction book in order to get the necessary grip for the road conditions, to delay their wear, but also to achieve the desired acceleration and braking speed.

Check tire pressure once a week if you use your personal car every day. Another alternative is to check it every time you refill the fuel tank, as most gas stations are fitted with such equipment. If you use your car les frequently and especially for long trips, check tire pressure before each start.

3. Engine oil

Checking the engine oil is a very important behavior that has a major impact on the maintenance of your personal car. This check should take place on a flat surface, with the engine turned off and preferably cold. Every car is equipped with a metal rod, known as a dipstick, on which there is indicated the minimum and maximum level of the oil. By simply extracting the rod from the engine oil container, you can notice if it is necessary to supplement it or not.

This way, you can also check the color of the high quality engine oil, which indicates its burning level. If it has a dark color, it is probably already mostly burned and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, if it is transparent and clear, its quality is still good. When checking the oil, it is recommended to also pay attention to potential leakages, which, if discovered in time, can save you from further problems.

4. Checking the cooling liquid

The engine’s cooling must take place properly for the personal car to operate under normal parameters. The cooling liquid is also known as antifreeze and is usually stored in a container almost transparent, through which you can clearly see the fluid level. It must be supplemented regularly to prevent the engine’s overheating.

5. Checking the transmission fluid

Like in the case of the engine oil, the transmission fluid can be checked by using a dipstick and it must be supplemented on a regular basis, especially when its color is not clear anymore, but it becomes pink or dark brown. This check is to be done with the engine turned off and with the hand brake on.

These are the most important things you should keep in mind when you make a plan for a regular check of your personal car. Consider them in order to enjoy high performances and a car that runs smoothly for a long time, without too high maintenance costs.