How can you achieve energy efficiency by using Mobil industrial lubricants?

How can you achieve energy efficiency by using Mobil industrial lubricants?

Energy use is critical for organizational operations and can be a major cost for organizations, regardless of their activity. Of course that one company cannot control energy price, government policies or the global economy, but there are ways they can improve the way they use energy, thus reaching energy efficiency.

Achieving energy efficiency can bring direct benefits to the company, so the effective use of resources will lead to cost reduction related to energy consumption. The company will also indirectly contribute to alleviating the global effects of energy use, such as is global warming.

Save energy with the help of Mobil industrial lubricants

The greatest energy losses in industrial equipment arise because of metal-on-metal contact, aspect which is frequently encountered in most equipment. These losses can be reduced by using a synthetic industrial lubricant such as those from the Mobil SHC range, distributed in Romania through the authorized distributor Star Lubricants.

In this way, energy efficiency will be achieved by creating a protective layer around the metal components which reduces the effects of the friction phenomenon.

Besides energy efficiency, the use of synthetic lubricants will help protect the equipment, enabling it to run for a longer period of time without the need for repairs.

A field test conducted by our partners from ExxonMobil proved the performance of synthetic lubricants, pointing out the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in the gearboxes used in industrial equipment. By simply replacing the mineral lubricant with a synthetic one from the Mobil SHC range, there were registered savings of 3.6% *.

In general terms, by choosing the synthetic lubricant suitable for your industrial equipment, you can significantly increase the return on capital investment by achieving energy efficiency.

Mobil synthetic lubricants - the proactive choice to achieve energy efficiency

The performance of the Mobil synthetic lubricants is globally recognized especially in terms of protection provided under extreme operating conditions.

Although not all industrial equipment are subject to extreme operating conditions, synthetic lubricants can still generate financial benefits and benefits regarding sustainability. Thus, lubricants can be used in various industrial fields, from the energy industry to manufacture and even in the food industry.

The synthetic industrial lubricants distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants offer benefits such as:

  • Extension of equipment lifespan
  • Reduction of time required for maintenance and repairs
  • Increase in employee safety
  • Protection of equipment from contamination

However, achieving energy efficiency is the primary benefit of choosing synthetic Mobil lubricants for your industrial equipment.

If you want to find out what lubricant you should choose to achieve energy efficiency, click on the image below and request a customized offer. A Star Lubricants representative will provide you with all the information you need.

* The results may vary depending on the type of equipment used and on its maintenance, on its operating and environmental conditions, as well as on the lubricant previously used.